Jaguar Cichlid

Arachromis managuensis

Jaguars are a very large central American fish that are sometimes known as the Aztec cichlid. They are fairly easy to care for but have huge mouths that can consume surprisingly large fish. They are fairly common but may not be available from every pet shop.

Jaguar Cichlid Descrption

Jaguar cichlids have a series of dark brown markings arranged on a golden yellow base. They have a shape typical to most American chichlidae. The large mouth poses a threat for fish up to half it's size. It may not be able to swallow the fish but it's eyes and mouth can sometimes be bigger than it's belly. They have a vibrant character that will charm their owners.

Jaguar Cichlid Care

Since your jaguar fish will have the potential to grow quite large you should start with the largest aquarium possible. The minimum you should consider is a 3 foot aquarium. Care for them as you would for many American cichlids. They will eat live fish in a natural environment so offer a food that is also high in protein. A large cichlid pellet is a good dry food choice. You can offer feeder fish but consider breeding them for yourself as commercial sources may contain parasites.

Breeding Jaguar Cichlids

Choose a pair from mature specimens as the sex will be unclear when young. Females retain more black colour when adults and won't achieve the same size as mature males. Perform a partial water change then raise the temperature by a few degrees over a few days. The pair will spawn on a rock face in an open area. They will have become very territorial by this time so it is best to remove any tank mates before breeding. After the eggs have hatched and the fry are free swimming introduce them to micro worms, baby brine shrimp or powdered cichlid flake.

Family - Chichlidae

Size - Males up to 16 inches, females 12 inches.

Fish Origin - Central America

Water - 7-8 pH and medium hard water.

Temperature - 23-28°C

Feeding - High protein food such as general cichlid pellet or feeder fish.

Sexing - Males grow faster and larger with less black colour.

Breeding - Fairly easy to spawn in most large aquariums.

Aquarium - Can be kept with other cichlids but may show aggression during breeding.

This 8 inch male jaguar shows off for the camera.

Jaguar cichlid breeding pair defend their nest.

This jaguar becomes so worked up that it jumps out of the aquarium.

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