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Aquarium Backgrounds

Aquarium Background Pictures

Standard picture style aquarium background are produced by the roll and sold by the foot. They are attached to the outside of the back aquarium surface using sticky tape or other suitable adhesives.

Virtually any aquatic scene imaginable is available as an aquarium background picture. Vibrant corals, lush aquatic plants and whimsical aquascapes are all available from well stocked aquarium suppliers.

Resin Aquarium Background

Fashioned from the same polyester material as resin aquarium ornaments, these aquarium backdrops are decorative and durable. Most are designed with realistic textures that mimic natural rock formations. Some rise above the aquarium's height to create an imitation rock wall.

This style of background is placed inside the aquarium. The correct size must be purchased for the individual aquarium dimensions. If the resin background does not sit snugly against the back of the tank it can be attached using a thin bead of acetic cure silicone.

Painted Aquarium Background

When a solid coloured aquarium background is desired this is often painted onto the back exterior. Aquarium shops often use this method in their fish tanks with good results. A plain black aquarium background contrasts effectively with most fish and aquarium plants.

Since the paint is applied to the exterior of the aquarium, toxicity is not a concern. Just choose a paint that will not dissolve in water or bead on the glass surface. Several layers may need to be applied to avoid any translucent patches in the background.

Sand Aquarium Background

Applying a sand finish to an aquarium can reproduce the look and feel of a sandstone wall. The only materials required are a quantity of sand and some acetic cure silicone. Painting the back of the glass in a colour similar to the sand will reduce translucency for a more realistic effect.

When applying the background there are two variations you can choose from. A smooth application of the silicone in a thin smear causes the finished background to resemble a cut sandstone block. More natural finishes are recreated by a less even coat. In both methods the silicone should not show any obvious strokes as these will be displayed in the finished background.

Choose a cooler day with minimal breeze to avoid the silicone forming skin before the sand is added. Practice before applying the finish to the actual aquarium. A straight edged ruler or spatula may be useful for achieving a smooth effect. Any number of objects including sea sponges or rags will help with a rougher surface.

Once the silicone layer is applied place the surface face up and pour a generous layer of sand over it. In 12 to 24 hours the excess sand can be shaken off. After a few days when the vinegar smell has dissipated the aquarium is safe to use.

Slate Aquarium Background

Slate aquarium backdrops are another do it yourself project with a natural looking outcome. The flat nature of slate pieces makes them perfect for adhering to the back of an aquarium. Arrange the entire background before attaching the slate. Again acetic cure silicone is the safe adhesive to use. Overlap the edges and use several layers of slate for the best background effect.

Aquarium Backgrounds For Sale

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