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Fish Breeder Holding Net

Aquarium fish breeder nets are useful for several purposes. A breeder net helps to raise fish fry successfully by holding them seperately in the community aquarium. Great for those times when there are a few fry but you do not yet have a spare aquarium set up.

Breeder netYou can also use it to house Siamese fighter fish. Keep several Betta splendens in a community tank using this breeder net as a partition for each fish.

Keep one handy as refuge in an emergency if a small aquarium fish is being attacked or injured by a larger tank mate.

Use one of these nets to hatch out your snail or fish eggs. Alternately you could leave the eggs in the aquarium and house the snails in the breeder net so they will not eat the eggs.

Such breeder nets are made from a very fine netting. The fine weave ensures it's usefulness with tiny fry. The net can hang inside any aquarium using the adjustable aluminium strips that bend to hook onto the glass.

Breeder Nets For Sale

Breeder nets currently at auction on eBay are displayed below. For a more extensive range please check the breeder nets on offer from eBay stores.

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