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Aquarium Filter Carbon

Aquarium filter carbon is useful in box filters and other suitable fish tank filters for removing chemicals harmful to your fish. It is a filter medium often included in filter refill cartidges and can also be purchased in a loose bag.

filter carbonFilter carbon removes many harmful chemicals that could otherwise accumulate in your aquarium water. Filter carbon is useful for removing most aquatic medications once a treatment is completed.

Filter carbon is useful for removing the tannin wood stain from aquarium wood in water.

There are two varieties generally available. Activated carbon can absorb up to for times for chemicals that regular aquarium carbon. It is usually sold in a granular or pellet form. Regular filter carbon is unprocessed and may look like anything ranging from wood charcoal from an open fire to charred nut shells.

Filter carbon can be contained in mesh bags made from old pantyhose for simple removal or sandwiched between polyester filter fibre. The carbon pieces provides a large surface area for biological filtration to occur once micro organisms have colonised its porous surface.

Some people prefer not to use filter carbon as it removes useful trace elements that are used by fish and aquatic plants. Others find it a must for keeping water crystal clear in newly set up fish tanks.

When this product has outlived its usefulness in your aquarium add it to your garden soil where it will release fish wastes beneficial to your plants.

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